Cancer stories from the road

This is hard for me to write. Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster for me. Just after we set out in the morning I was thinking that it was the first time since my illness that I spent whole days not thinking about being sick. Then we came across a mobile blood donation bus set up along the side of the road. I have been the recipient of so many blood products that I decided to stop and thank them for what they were doing on a Sunday morning. In conversation with one of the volunteers I learned that she had lost her husband to leukemia 10 years ago. Same diagnosis as mine, had a bone marrow transplant then relapsed and died.

The very next person I came in contact with was working in a deli where we were buying sandwiches to have lunch on the ferry. She was wearing the same type of orange wrist band that I wear. I asked her who had leukemia and she started to tear up and told me that her cousin did and that she was not going to make it.

Too many have died.


  1. Annie Lipsitz

    Bob, I feel like that often. I just had to ask the Red Cross to take me off their donor list and then I thanked them profusely for what they do. And it seems like more and more people I meet know someone with a blood cancer who haven’t had the easiest time of it. And why do we get to be the ones who make it through? Keep pedaling and keep raising money for awesome places like Winship!

    1. Karen Falkenberg

      Annie, When Bob has questioned why he is a survivor, and in the past has said he has had “survivor guilt” I gave him my explanation. You, as a survivor, and Eric, who is a survivor who posted after you today, and Bob still have work to do on this planet. It is not your time to go because it is your time to lead. Straight up, that’s that. God is still needing to work through you to more on the earth.

  2. Eric Heintz

    I know our cancer stories aren’t even close in comparison, but you and your courage are an inspiration to me and so many people. Keep doing what you are doing as your story touches more people than you know.

    I wish I could be riding with y’all! We will have to watch a tour stage together this July.

    Eric Heintz

  3. Jerry Lipsky

    Although I’m not a cancer survivor, as you know, I had my own bout with a bone marrow transplant. As a blood donor all my life, I was disappointed to know that I could not give blood for a year after my transplant. Once I was able to give again, it really helped. Too bad yesterday’s test results said I shouldn’t do that for awhile. At least I can and will still ride for causes.



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