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Day 5: Rest day in Vero Beach

Yet another perfect weather day! Vero Beach is a beautiful city, we had a nice rest, and we are ready to get back at it again. We will do the riding. We need your help to push us over the next fundraising milestone: $5,000. You can donate with a link on the website Please help us reach our goal

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Reflections: Whose ride was it anyway?

This ride was for a lot of people. For me this ride was about taking on a personal challenge and accomplishing it but it was also a very big part of the recovery process for me. As a cancer survivor you can’t escape the constant concern that the cancer may come back or that you may not fully recover. This

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Day 28: Key Largo, FL

Coral Gables, FL > Key Largo, FL : 26 miles It is hard to believe we are in the Keys already and right on schedule! We don’t really have much to write about the ride today. We didn’t get riding until about 2 PM and by then the rain had begun. We spent the morning getting needed repairs done to

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