Lifeblood 2011

Day 28: Key Largo, FL

Coral Gables, FL > Key Largo, FL : 26 miles It is hard to believe we are in the Keys already and right on schedule! We don’t really have much to write about the ride today. We didn’t get riding until about 2 PM and by then the rain had begun. We spent the morning getting needed repairs done to

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Day 25: Vero Beach, FL

Titusville, FL > Vero Beach, FL : 76 miles It is hard to believe that we only have 4 days of riding left. We saw a sign for Miami today and it was less than 200 miles! We rode 76 miles today from Titusville to Vero Beach. We had a nice breakfast with the Winship transplant team then set out

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Day 24: Palm Coast and Titusville, FL

Jacksonville Beach, FL > Palm Coast, FL : 63 miles Palm Coast, FL > Titusville, FL : 86 miles Blogging daily has become somewhat of a challenge in the last week, but I want to assure you it isn’t laziness. So here’s what you missed: Yesterday’s ride was pretty good. I thought St. Augustine was a really interesting town. Good

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Day 17: Charleston, SC A Real Grinder

Myrtle Beach, SC > Charleston, SC : 90 miles Yesterday’s ride was from Myrtle Beach to Charleston, SC. We started out in Myrtle Beach with a lot of traffic from the weekly rental turnover and more than a few testosterone poisoned youths shouting obscenities at us as they passed by. It is a real shame that so many people have

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