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Reflections: Whose ride was it anyway?

This ride was for a lot of people. For me this ride was about taking on a personal challenge and accomplishing it but it was also a very big part of the recovery process for me. As a cancer survivor you can’t escape the constant concern that the cancer may come back or that you may not fully recover. This

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Rest Day Reflections

I have had some time to reflect during these down days. It seems like a long time ago that we set out on this journey but at the same time it doesn’t seem like we have been riding that long. We all feel great, stronger than when we started and the thought of riding more than 600 miles in the

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Happy Daddy Day

In about 3 hours, the clock will move the hands to officially begin Daddy Day. Although almost every national holiday has been invaded by Hallmark or was invented by Hallmark, or was proclaimed by some porker in Congress, we can still take joy in the pause to recognize whatever the event is.  June is a great time for recognition with

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Entering the determination zone

Last night I talked to Bob and Kate. I didn’t get to hear from Carl other than to get some push back on a text he sent to me about his ice cream cone. (I had commented that his ice cream cone in the group photo looked pretty wimpy at their Peace and Love Ice Cream fest on Sunday). And,

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Heatwave update

Didn’t have time to post yesterday, but since we’re sitting in front of Boomers in Berlin, MD waiting for my dad (Bob) to fix his third flat, I figured I would let you know we survived yesterday. Remember how the last post I said it was the hottest day ever? I lied. It was over 120 on the road yesterday.

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The big ride kicks off bright and early on Thursday from Beverly Farms, MA. We’ve spent three months getting everything together and we can’t thank you enough for the generous support up to this point. I’ll be riding up to Massachusetts via Fung Wah bus tomorrow morning to meet up with my dad and Carl after their interview on Fox

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