Annie has a caregiver named Perla

So, three cheers for the bikers in the dreadful heat! Here in Atlanta things are hot, hot, hot and they seem to be the same on the coast, coast, coast. Did you catch the point in yesterday’s photos showing that it was so hot that Carl’s bike tube blew out? Talk about hot air. (No, not Carl, I mean the

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So here’s what Annie said today

There’s always a lot to write and Chuck is joining the team again, linking in with them in Atlantic City and riding for a few days to Virginia Beach. Chuck has some cameo appearances (particularly as Mr. Safety) in the ride videos from last month. We’ll write about Chuck and the trail travails tomorrow. For now, it’s time again to

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Cancer stories from the road

This is hard for me to write. Yesterday was an emotional roller coaster for me. Just after we set out in the morning I was thinking that it was the first time since my illness that I spent whole days not thinking about being sick. Then we came across a mobile blood donation bus set up along the side of

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Starting out, raising hope and Annie’s story

After months of planning the ride starts today. Hi to all of you starting out with the team by following the blog. Luckily the big storms in MA passed by last night and the skies in New England are supposed to be sunny and the temperatures mild for the next several days. Departure time was 9:30 AM. Or, so I

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