Day 10: Virginia Beach, VA. An unusual day

Exmore, VA > Virginia Beach, VA : 50 miles

We had a great ride on Saturday, the weather cooperated once more, it was hot but not extreme. We left Exmore early in the morning and had a pleasant ride south on Rt 17 toward the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel. When we were about 10 miles from the bridge was when it got a little crazy.

Carl and Katie were riding several hundred yards ahead of Chuck and I when I heard a huge crash. I turned to my left in time to see a car that was traveling northbound in the air flipping end over end. It landed, rolled and ended up in the ditch right side up. Chuck and I stopped immediately, I called 911 and Chuck went over to check on the driver. Amazingly the driver was conscious with only minor cuts. It was a one car accident, he ran off the road into the ditch and ran head on at full speed into a concrete culvert abutment which launched the car into the air.

Carl and Katie had quite a scare, before I could get through to them on the phone they saw all the emergency vehicles coming to the scene and our bikes laying along the side of the road. In the middle of all this Carl also got a flat tire from debris along the side of the road. We had to wait until after they tended to the driver then give a report to the police before we could fix Carl’s tire and get on our way. The emergency responders were great, they got there very quickly and were very professional.


Our trip across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and tunnel went very smoothly. We called ahead when we were a few miles out and let them know when we would be getting there. The personnel at the bridge went out of their way to accommodate us. They loaded the bikes into the back of a police truck and drove us across in a police car. We even got a guided tour along the way. They even stopped to let us take pictures at the observation pier and gift shop. They only charged us the fare for one car to cross one way and refused to accept a tip.


After crossing the bridge we stopped for lunch on the water and consequently met some people interested in where we were headed and what we were doing (more on this later). After a brief conversation we had a leisurely ride into Virginia Beach through some park bike paths and residential streets. A fantastic dinner, great wine and company, followed by ice cream and a walk down the beach made for a great end to the first third of our trip.

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  1. Marie Falkenberg

    I cannot imagine what panic Kate and Carl were having until they saw both of you, Bob and Chuck, were not involved with the accident (other than reporting it and helping the driver). Let’s go for a little less of this kind of excitement, okay?!?!?!?


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