Day 17: Charleston, SC A Real Grinder

Myrtle Beach, SC > Charleston, SC : 90 miles

Yesterday’s ride was from Myrtle Beach to Charleston, SC. We started out in Myrtle Beach with a lot of traffic from the weekly rental turnover and more than a few testosterone poisoned youths shouting obscenities at us as they passed by. It is a real shame that so many people have never ridden bikes, don’t understand the laws, and are so inconsiderate. Ah well, i don’t think this is going to change any time soon. At least the ones that are shouting at us see us, are not texting, and are not likely to hit us.


The entire ride was on route 17 and we had headwinds almost all the way, a real slow grinder! We continued our pattern of hobbit like eating with first breakfast, second breakfast, first lunch, second lunch, you get the picture. Lots of breaks to get out of the heat for a bit. We had a great lunch at a local diner, real homemade food in a meat and three format, really hit the spot. We spent quite a bit of time talking with the owner who gave us a great tip on how to get across the bridge on route 17 into Charleston.

Once we hit Charleston the wind cooperated and the last 15 miles including the bridge were great. The bridge actually has a bike lane and a walking lane that are completely separated from the highway, it was wonderful and well worth it even considering what a big hill it is. We got in very late, around 8 PM, got a quick shower, a quick dinner and went straight to bed.


One thing that was odd was that as soon as we got to Charleston the air was very smoky. Turns out that was from the wild fires burning in south Georgia and north Florida. We haven’t yet been able to find out details on where exactly these fires are but they are in the area that we will be riding through from Savannah to Jacksonville in a few days, hopefully we won’t have to detour.

We also had another major milestone yesterday: we have ridden more than 1000 miles so far since our journey began!!

This trip has been similar to my recovery from cancer, the first part of the trip was about getting back in shape, overcoming all our fears, concerns, and anxieties and building our confidence about the future. I have decided to dedicate the second half of this trip to the caregivers, they are the ones who suffer the most and work the hardest and get the least recognition. More on this later, need to get back on the road.



  1. Katie

    We saw our first gator, too! Not alive, don’t worry. Just road kill. But man, that thing must have been 5 or 6 feet long. Guts everywhere… ew…

    Must be getting close to Florida.

  2. Jacki Reich

    Hi everyone–

    Gators…and sharks, too! Seriously, with all the impediments that you describe (and the ones that I am sure are not being described as well, such as sore joints, sun burn and the like) it is impressive that you all are handling your adversities so well. As I mentioned in an eariler entry, keep thinking about that Rocky theme–“Feeling Strong Now…”

    Regarding hobbits, your trek is something like the Lord of the Rings saga, in a way. Are you thinking of doing something symbolic when you reach Key West, like pitching your sunglasses into the ocean (sorta like throwing the One Ring into Mt. Doom)?

    Probably the hardest thing at this point is just to keep up your motivation. One thing to consider during those moments when you wonder whether you have it in you to go another one or two dozen miles on a given day is to remind yourself that at least you are going downhill all the way (right? that’s what I see on the map; you guys are going DOWN to Key West–haha!!). Seriously, remember that your fans are rooting for you and we are with you in spirit all the way. You are doing a fantastic job and we couldn’t be prouder of you.

    Keep up the good work! Go, Lifeblood Team, go!!!


  3. Thomas Colleton

    HI All,
    Glad you enjoyed your stay in Charleston. The bridge is very friendly to bikers, joggers and walkers. We were honored to have you dine at Buckshot’s Restaurant in McClellanville. I enjoyed talking with you all and was very impressed with this ride that you have taken on.
    We wish you the best.

    And Staff at Buckshot’s

    1. Louise Michaud

      Carl, you made it !
      Congradulations !
      You should be very proud on achieving thid monumental feat. Every time i saw a bicyclist ride by I thought of you . Thanks for all your hard work. Louise and Roland Michaud


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