Day 25: Vero Beach, FL

Titusville, FL > Vero Beach, FL : 76 miles

It is hard to believe that we only have 4 days of riding left. We saw a sign for Miami today and it was less than 200 miles!

We rode 76 miles today from Titusville to Vero Beach. We had a nice breakfast with the Winship transplant team then set out with Amy and Jessica joining us once again for the first part of the ride. The Winship team had to head back to Atlanta mid-day to be there in time to catch some sleep and make it to the Monday morning clinic appointments. Monday is always one of the busiest days at Winship.


It was wonderful having Amy, Jessica, Christina and Rachel join us for a couple days and it meant a lot to me. Their being here pushed me a little further along in believing that I really am cured. It is hard to explain but that is a difficult concept to come to grips with after having cancer. It seems like that black cloud is never too far away. All I have seen this month are blue skies and white clouds, even on the rainy days.

Hannah Collins also wanted to join us for the ride but was unable to get away because of her work schedule. Hannah is the nurse who actually gave me my transplant. Hannah, we will make sure you can make it next time.


The Emory Winship team is truly amazing. Throughout my treatment the entire team of doctors, PA’s, nurses and techs always displayed an incredible level of teamwork. Everyone was always up to date and on the same page and the communication was seamless. They are truly passionate about their work and all extremely professional. I had complete trust in all of them. I don’t recommend getting cancer but if you do, you couldn’t be in better hands.

Getting back to the ride…the rest of the ride was mostly uneventful but very nice. We had some lovely ocean scenery, tailwinds most of the day and no flat tires. We were in a bit of a rush at the end as the storm clouds were gathering. We got in to the Spring Hill
Suites in Vero Beach just before a big thunder storm hit. We have met some really nice people here. When we were checking in we met a couple who raise money here in Florida for Leukemia via a group called the Golddiggers. The staff here at the hotel have also been great. Since it was pouring rain, they gave us a lift to a local restaurant and back so we could have dinner and also gave us some Gatorade and energy bars so we can get an early start tomorrow. Very nice place to stay if you are planning to come to Vero Beach.

Tomorrow we are off to Palm Beach. We will be getting an early start to get our 85 miles in before the afternoon thunderstorms that are predicted. Hard to believe there are only 4 days of riding left and that we are still on schedule. Tune in again tomorrow for an update.



  1. Chuck

    Howdy to Katie, Carl & Bob.

    Every day the trip has sounded better and better. I particularly enjoyed yesterday’s photo with the sign that reads:

    “Fountain of Youth.
    Drive Two Blocks.”

    Tourist destinations so seem to say the darnedest things.

    Also, it was nice reading about the support of your transplant team, What a great group they must be. So, did you offer to buy Dr. Langston et al. a beer for goodness sake?

    Here’s wishing the three of you tailwinds to Key West & beyond!

  2. Nan Hoy Shaw

    Now you are in my neck of the woods…er, ocean!!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I miss it. Congratulations on this wonderful and miraculous road to complete recovery….Nan

  3. Karen & Bob Poole

    What a great trip – both physically and mentally!
    “Almost there, stay on target” (Star Wars)
    Congrats in advance for your wonderful achievement.

  4. Jerry Lipsky

    Almost finished. Life will seem so complicated once you get home…enjoy the simplicity of life on a bike while you can. You mentioned “next time” for Hannah. I would love to do this ride with you if you decide to do it again and if I can get the time off.



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