Day 26: Palm Beach Good roads, bad roads and bugs

Vero Beach, FL > Palm Beach, FL : 93 miles

Yesterday was a long day. We started out with a slight tailwind and made incredible time, getting in 50 miles before stopping for lunch. Those first 50 miles were fantastic with smooth roads, bike lanes, and great scenery. There was one rough stretch where the road and bike lane were extremely bumpy (ouch!!!). In the afternoon we had a long stretch of busy Hwy 1, it had a bike lane but also loads of traffic and swarms of gnats. We were covered with them! The final stretch along the coast in Palm Beach was beautiful and once again we finished strong.

The best part of the day was a swim in the ocean after the ride. Not only did it rid us of all those nasty gnats but it was the first time swimming in the ocean since my original diagnosis and it was wonderful, the water was warm and fairly calm. This was a big deal for me because when you get a bone marrow transplant your immune system is suppressed for a long time to prevent rejection and graft vs. host disease so there are a lot of things you can’t do, swimming included. When Amy Langston was with us I asked her if it was ok to swim in the ocean now and she laughed. She said it was amusing that I still feel the need to ask permission to do anything. That was certainly good to hear. When you are so cautious for so long it is hard to believe that you are really cured and can resume all normal activity. This trip has gone a long way to help me with that part of the recovery process. Things are returning to normal, almost.

That is it for now, need to hit the road, only 3 days left!!!

By the way, we will hit the 1500 mile mark today and yesterday’s 93 miles was the longest single day ride ever for Katie.






  1. Chuck

    So, an almost 1,900 mile ride to re-achieve “normal”. By most people’s definitions, that’s one heck of a “normal”!

    Tail winds and best wishes to you three as you approach the home stretch.

  2. Jacki Reich

    Hi guys–

    First, I wanted to say again how proud I am of all of you (and that includes the number one support person, Karen). Truly and deeply proud.

    Second, I wanted to say that I have just finished watching the second season of Dexter and since you are coming up to Miami you should be careful…

    Third, what are you guys going to do for an encore? You might consider doing what The Great Leslie and Professor Fate did in the early 1960’s movie “The Great Race”—New York to Paris! (the long way!)

    All my best,


    Have fun finishing up your


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