Day 27: Coral Gables: Almost there, overcoming adversity

Palm Beach, FL > Coral Gables, FL : 76 miles

We only rode 76 miles yesterday but we didn’t get into the hotel until 8:30. We had two long spells of rain that we had to sit out, 3 flat tires, one crash (we are all ok), and crazy traffic during rush hour in Miami. All that made for a long day, late dinner and another morning blogging session.

The weather was kind of threatening all day and twice it rained enough that we had to take shelter. The first time we stopped at the Sunshine Cafe, how ironic. We had lunch while we waited for the rain to quit. The nice folks there offered us a complementary sack of bagels to take with us which we declined only for space reasons. The second time we could see the rain up ahead as we were approaching a bridge over the intracoastal waterway so we stopped at a juice bar just ahead of the bridge and had a cup of coffee and waited.

The rain stopped so we wanted to get going right away, that’s when things got a little crazy. We rode up the bridge over the intracoastal slowly, it was a drawbridge with a metal grate deck on the part that opens. Carl was in the lead, Katie in the middle and Bob bringing up the back. We were going slow across the deck and all of a sudden Kate’s bike started to slide on the metal deck and down she went. When I hit my brakes to avoid hitting her I also slid and went down. Carl was on the spot with the first aid kit and we took care of the road rash, no major injuries, then we were able to effect sufficient temporary repairs to keep going. Don’t try riding on one of those bridges when it is wet! and be careful when riding through major cities! Needless to say, the first chore this morning is to find a bike shop and get some parts and more inner tubes. Oh yeah, we also had 3 flats: Katie had two and Bob one, just from junk in the road on the city streets.

Other than all that the ride was beautiful, we spent most of the day riding in bike lanes along the coast with nice views of the ocean, intracoastal waterway, and the lovely homes along each.

Yesterday’s ride was again a metaphor for cancer recovery, it is about dealing with the adversity and not letting it get you down or defeat you. You have to keep on, live your life, set goals, deal with the issues that come up and accomplish your goals.

We are looking forward to seeing Karen and Phyllis tonight in Key Largo, it has been a long month and we miss them. Time to get back on the road and find those bike parts! More later.






  1. Carol DeAngelis

    OMG guys- you are awesome! I have admired you through the entire trip but even more so after I rode my bike on Sunday. OK Bob, I thought I would take you up on your 2 mile challenge (you did say 2 miles right?!) Anyway, needless to say it was a disaster. I guess I need a bike with a banana seat and high handle bars, like the good old days. The bikes with the gears SUCK. My chain got stuck in my frame ( yes I did say frame) and Barry had to get the truck to rescue me. I guess I need to try it again after a few lessons on gear shifting. Chuck said maybe I need to have my bike checked out and adjusted by a professional. I think my bike needs to be checked out by the garbage collector! Enjoy the last of the ride and meeting up with your terrific wife. Again, we are soooooo proud of you three.

  2. Jerry Lipsky

    Yeah…those wet bridges are DANGEROUS! Katie’s road rash doesn’t look horrible…but I sure wouldn’t want it. And of course when you first realize the bike isn’t going where it’s supposed to, a whole lot of fear shows up. And then you realize there could be a car just waiting for you to go down. Been there, done that. I’m glad none of you were hurt any worse than that.



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