Day 3: Kingston, RI 20 miles of riding and two ferries

Falmouth, MA > Kingston, RI : 20 miles

We had another fantastic weather day for riding,sunshine and 70 degrees most of the day. This was the last of our short mileage days. we carefully planned the ride so that we could ease into the high mileage and avoid most of the main urban areas to make it as safe as possible.

Today started out with an early 6 mile ride on a bike path from Falmouth to Woods Hole on Cape Cod. The path was flat and the scenery fantastic. We had time for a quick breakfast of coffee and bagels before boarding the ferry for Martha’s Vineyard. There were loads of people headed to Martha’s Vineyard with bicycles to spend the day cycling there. The ferry was a big car ferry so there was plenty of room for bikes. If you like to bike you need to spend some time here!


We had a sort ferry trip to Oak Bluff on Martha’s Vineyard then a half hour layover before we caught the Rhode Island Fast Ferry from a nearby dock. This ferry was much faster, a hydrofoil, and for passengers only. There was still plenty of space for bikes. This line primarily serves the tourists headed to MV. The trip to Quonset Point, RI took about an hour and a half. This route put us down the coast from Providence so we didn’t have to ride through the city. While we were on the ferry we used my iPhone to find a nice spot for lunch in Wickford, RI.

After disembarking we had a short ride of about two miles on Hwy 1 and Hwy 1A to Wickford and lunch of clam chowder and crab cake sandwiches at Tavern by the Sea, very good, nice outdoor seating. One of the patrons there noticed on our jerseys that we started in Beverly Farms. Turns out she and Carl have a mutual friend in Beverly Farms, small world. We gave her one of the Moo Cards so she could follow our progress.

Never heard of Moo Cards? Katie designed some mini cards for us with our logo and website address and had them printed up by the good folks at


After a leisurely lunch we rode the remaining 10 miles om Hwy 1A to Kingston, RI where we are staying. Katie with her young legs was king of the mountains today! We had two long climbs, one right after lunch and the other at the end of the ride, she whooped us old timers. On the hills is when you notice the loaded bikes the most. On the flat we maintain about the same speed we would on unloaded bikes whereas on the hills you really notice that you are carrying that 30 extra pounds! The bikes also handle a lot differently on the downhills, there is so much weight on the back wheel that I feel the need to get forward and put weight on the front wheel at higher speeds, sometimes getting into the low to mid 30’s mph on the downhills.

Carl’s wife Phyllis and daughter Jill drove down from Beverly Farms and joined us for a very nice dinner at Spain in Narraganset, got back to the hotel late, that’s why I am up early at 5AM blogging today.

Before we went out to dinner we checked the weather forecast down the road and decided to change our itinerary a bit to avoid afternoon thunderstorms predicted for Sunday and Monday. Instead of staying in New London,CT Sunday night we will go ahead and take the ferry from New London to the east tip of Long Island and ride 20 miles on Long Island to make for a shorter ride on Monday so we can finish before the storms. The original plan was for 40 miles Sunday and 85 on Monday, this way we will ride about 60 each day,our first back to back long mileage days. Keep wishing us tailwinds!

It sure is a huge help having these iPads and smartphones with us so we can keep up with weather, tweak the route, book hotels, check email and blog. That’s all for now, need to go pack up so we can get an early start to our first long ride.

Happy Birthday Brian! My son Brian just turned 28.


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