Day 9: Exmore, VA. Longest leg so far, more heat

Atlantic City, NJ > Ocean City, MD : 80 miles
Ocean City, MD > Exmore, VA : 84 miles

We survived another day of heat and rode 84 miles from Ocean City, MD to Exmore, VA. We got an early start and got 40 miles in before lunch, not bad considering we had to stop to fix a flat again. It seems like riding on the berm is both a benefit and a liability. The roads we have been riding on have a nice wide paved berm to ride on which makes it a lot safer, the problem is all the debris, stones, glass, car parts, etc., ends up on the berm making it more likely that we get puncture flats. Fortunately we pass quite a few bike shops and can restock with new tubes each day.


We finished strong maintaining a 17 to 20 mph pace for the final 20 miles. This was remarkable considering the heat and that this was the longest ride that Katie and Chuck had ever done in one day!
We are actually riding ourselves into shape rather than wearing ourselves down.


You may have noticed us wearing FRS jerseys in our photos. Carl Sweat, CEO of FRS, has provided us with a lot of support. FRS makes a line of sports energy produce: drinks, drink mix, and energy chews. In addition to the jerseys, Carl provided us with an ample supply of the drinks and chews. When our energy starts to wane in the early afternoon we have one of the chews and we get an extra energy boost. I encourage you to try it, seems to work well for us.


Got to run, we need to get another early start to avoid the heat. We will be riding about 60 miles today to Virginia Beach, an easier day. Tomorrow we will have a much needed day off and can catch up on posting photos and video.

Thanks for following along, send us a comment. More later.


  1. Phyllis and Jill Kooyoomjian

    You are all so amazing, love the blog. Enjoy your day off massages would be nice.

  2. Susie Monteleone

    I am so proud of all 3 of you ! Ride , Sally , Ride!! of the 60’s of course.

  3. Grandpa Falkenberg

    I have been following you every day. I know that you are having a great time. Keep those tailwinds blowing. I wish conditions were different so that I could be riding with you. Good luck to all of you. Dad.


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