Days 18 and 19: Beaufort, SC and Savannah, GA: Hot, Humid, Headwinds (and interesting people)

Charleston, SC > Beaufort, SC: 63 miles
Beaufort, SC > Savannah, GA : 48 miles

The ride from Charleston to Beaufort was a mixed bag, it was very hot again, the hottest day so far. We also had more headwinds and rumble strips to deal with at the beginning of the ride. The highlight of the ride was some of the people we met along the way.

We met two women at one of our convenience store rest stop who were traveling by bike from St. Augustine, FL to Washington DC to meet up with some riders who are doing the RAAM Ride Across America. One was riding on a really interesting front wheel drive, high wheel recumbent Cruzbike, she was actually one of the owners of the company and is the rider in the photos on the company homepage. Apparently the advantage of the front wheel drive is you can pull harder on the bars while going up hills without impacting the steering. For those of you who aren’t aware, I have become a recumbent fan. I purchased a recumbent bike to do the Historic Savannah Century last September 10 months after my transplant because I had a medical issue that didn’t allow me to sit on a regular bike seat. They are wonderfully comfortable and great on the flat and into headwinds but a bit slow on hills. Recumbents are loads of fun, I encourage you to try it sometime.


At our very next rest stop we met a gentleman that was traveling with no particular destination in mind, fully loaded and complete with camping gear. He has biked all over the USA and numerous other countries. He had some very interesting stories including one about buying his rear derailer in Yemen for $1.50!

At the next rest stop, which included some apple pie, we met a young man who was very interested in what we were doing and is planning to someday become an astronaut. Dream big! Anything is possible with enough desire and determination!

On the last leg of the ride to Beaufort the roads were better, we had a tailwind for the first time in a while and it was a lovely ride. After a quick shower and change, we walked about 2 miles to the downtown area, very picturesque, and had a great dinner at Emily’s. Right after they brought our dinners, the power went out so we ended up having a candlelight dinner and the had to use the old paper method of running a credit card. All in all a very memorable and enjoyable day.


On Monday we set out from Beaufort for Savannah and it was yet again the hottest day so far with temperatures well over 100! We did catch a break though, the wind shifted and we had a tail wind all day for our short 48 mile ride. Part of the ride covered the same route as the Historic Savannah Century that Carl and I rode last September. In fact it was the part of the century where we encountered a live alligator sunning itself in the road. We didn’t see and live ones this time but we did see one that had been run over by a car or truck. We stopped to take a picture but kept an eye out for his friends! We got in by lunchtime, got cleaned up and did a bit of walking around in the afternoon, then got some much needed rest.

We are spending our planned rest day today, Tuesday, reworking our route to avoid the fires and smoke in south Georgia. Here is the latest on the fires:

Hot Weather Winds Could Fan South GA Fires

NASA MODIS Image of the Day: Smoke over the Atlantic from fires in Georgia and Florida

We have decided to rent a car and drive to Jacksonville to avoid the fires. We were originally planning to ride to Brunswick, stay overnight then ride to Jacksonville but Brunswick is in the center of all the fires. We didn’t feel like riding through dense smoke all day in 100 degree heat! We will resume our original plan and timing in Jacksonville.



  1. Fred Yochum

    Welcome (back) to the great state of Georgia! You must be almost 75% there by now with that one big state of Florida. To paraphrase the late Tim Russert on Election Night 2000….it all comes down to Florida, Florida, Florida. Enjoy the ride and keep cool.

    Fred and Beth

    1. Carl K Kooyoomjian

      Fred and Beth,
      We are doing well , getting stronger as we ride. The swamp fires were an issue which we needed to avoid by renting a car and driving to Jacksonville Beach Florida. Smoke from the fires were dense, 100 yards visibility on the highway.
      Any smoke in Atlanta / Alpharetta?

  2. Susie Monteleone

    You are being so smart to avoid the fires! Remember we love you in Georgia!!

  3. Barb Carakostas

    We’re sorry that we are in Mich and missed you in Beaufort. We’ve enjoyed following your journey. Stay safe!
    Barb & Mike

  4. Jerry Lipsky

    Riding near Savannah on June 10th and 11th, we smelled lots of smoke. It’s tough enough when you just smell it. Although I’m sure it was a disappointing decision to bypass part of your route, it was a smart thing to do.

    Just keep pedaling. On stroke after another and you’ll all arrive safely.



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