Days 20 and 21: Savannah, Jacksonville Beach & the 20 mile challenge!

Jacksonville Beach, FL : 32 miles

Man was it nice to have three days off! I feel like all my previous ailments have had time to heal. But I will say that not riding has also been really strange. I feel lazy and tired. Maybe it’s the smoke in the air and the lack of oxygen.

We rented a car and hauled the bikes down here to Jacksonville Beach, FL on Wednesday. Check out the smoke on the road! Really glad we didn’t ride through it. I’ve been keeping up with the GA Forestry Commission on Twitter to check the status of the wildfires. Hopefully the coming rain will help out.


Last night we had dinner at Mezza Luna (really great dinner, by the way) and the bartender was a cyclist. He told us to go check out Champion Cycling where we got some great tips and shared stories with Brian and the rest of the staff (thanks for the Camelbak bottles!). He told us to check out Ragtime, which was also delicious, and apparently their bartender is a cyclist too! Seems like the whole town is into cycling.

Now that we’re in Florida the roads are going to be a lot better. People here bike more frequently so the cars are used to seeing cyclists and know how to share the road. We did a warm up ride today to keep our legs in shape. Just a quick 32 miles up and down the beach (well, I bailed out at 22 to get some stuff done). And I’ve gotta tell you, we’ve got some great bike paths and lanes in our future starting tomorrow. The next/last 7 days should be a piece of cake!



To all of you out there following along, I challenge you to a 20 mile ride. It’s time to get off the computer and get on a bike! If we can do almost 1200 miles, you can do 20. It’s good for your community and your health. Send us some comments and pictures, best story gets a prize!



  1. Avaleen

    You guys are simply A-MAZING! I can hardly believe that the Lifeblood Ride is almost over–already! The days have just flown by! Thank God for technology, it has been a pleasure to keep up with your progress. You have been and continue to be in my prayers daily for a safe trip and of course those beloved headwinds. I wish I could take the time off from work and come down to celebrate with you guys in Florida, but alas I will not be able to :(.

    I know the ride isn’t over yet, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Thank you for sharing your lives with us in this way. Thank you for taking on this improbable journey–what a challenge! I will admit I was secretly a little worried at first–1,800 miles is such a huge undertaking. Thank you for your unselfish determination to raise money to give back to Winship. Thank you for raising awareness about treatment options available, and most importantly thank you for inspiring HOPE. I can hardly think about this journey without tearing up. You are all – Bob, Katie, Carl & Karen at home – an inspiration. Best wishes for a fabulous rest of the trip! See you soon!

  2. Barbara Gilman

    Twenty excuses why I cannot participate in the Twenty-Mile Bicycle Challenge:

    1. Couch potato.

    2. Don’t own a bicycle helmet.

    3. Spandex????

    4. Need bicycle basket to accommodate two cats, kitty food, catnip (not to mention kitty litter).

    5. Have a date with Mikhail Baryshnikov.

    6. A sloth moves faster than me.

    7. Taking accordion lessons.

    8. Easily distracted by Honey Dew Donut shops.

    9. Legs too short to reach pedals.

    10. Dog ate my disc.

    11. Bedtime is 1:00 p.m.

    12. Need to do Christmas shopping.

    13. No sense of direction.

    14. Don’t own a Port-a-Loo.

    15. Fear of hair frizzing.

    16. Touring with Paul Simon.

    17. Hemorrhoid alert.

    18. Teaching Tina Turner yoga.

    19. Sold my bicycle at yard sale.

    20. Pregnant.

  3. Michael Jenks

    Wow! I can’t believe that you are so close to the end of your journey. The three of you have been truly inspirational! So much so, in fact, that I did get out for a 20+ mile ride this afternoon. I do that sometimes (although not as often as I should). The unusual part was the route I chose. Instead of my usual local loop, I rode straight north on rte. 15 into the Virginia countryside. I decided to scope out the very early miles of what I hope will be a ride from Virginia to Massachusetts next year! I have been toying with the idea for over a year, and the perseverance that you three have demonstrated has motivated me to work towards realizing that goal. Of course, I also got to experience my first ever roadside flat tire change — thanks for that! I actually have a picture of that part, but I don’t know how to attach it to this!

    Keep up the great riding for a great cause. I have enjoyed very much reading the adventure as it has unfolded.

    Good luck with the last miles.

    Michael Jenks


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