Reflections on Lifeblood Ride 2, why I ride:

I ride for myself, I ride to raise awareness of the need for more marrow and stem cell donors, and I ride to give patients and survivors hope that they may also enjoy as full and complete a recovery as mine.
My love of bicycling goes back to my childhood. I always dreamed about traveling across the country. I may yet do that someday. I love traveling by bicycle with my family and friends. The shared experiences and memories will last a lifetime and bring us all closer together. I also like the slow pace of bike travel, you see more, you meet more people, and the experience is multi-sensory. Looking back at the photos from our trip doesn’t come close to describing the total experience. The images lack the smells, the wind, the heat, the adrenaline, the tense moments, the tiredness, the need to dig deep down to keep going, and the sheer joy of being outside and enjoying the world. I love traveling by bike and will continue to as long as i can but that isn’t why I share my story so publicly.
I hope that what we are doing raises awareness of blood cancer and the need for more donors. Before I was diagnosed and this became a personal battle I had no clue about how big the need is and how easy it is to be a donor. I hope that in some small way what we do will raise awareness and encourage more people to sign up on the donor registry. Part of our vision of a brighter future is that every patient who needs a transplant will be able to get one.
The other reason I am very public about what I do is to provide hope to other patients and survivors that yes indeed there is life after cancer. A diagnosis of cancer is a life changing event. It is an understatement to say that the battle to beat it is tough. What gets you through that fight is hope. Hope is a precious thing. It is powerful. The other part of our brighter future is that all patients will enjoy a full and complete recovery. My message is that it is hard work but it is possible.
Lastly, we ride to help provide some of the funds that are required to add more donors to the registry. Thank you to everyone who has supported us! Our work is not done. We will continue to ride, continue to raise awareness, and continue to raise hope. We ride for a brighter future!

Thank you for your support,


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